Know how to Overclock your GPU for Mining (NVIDIA GUIDE) for Max profit and hash rate

Let us discuss how to overclock any GPU for mining any coin. It is crucial to copy overclock settings that are optimal for your GPU. We will explain everything in general, so no matter what Nvidia GPU you have, it will be helpful for all crypto coins such as Ravencoin, Ethereum and Ergo. You can adjust the MSI Afterburner power limit and get the most efficient setting for mining with GPU stock clocks.

How much does the performance affected by the GPU Overclock?

It is essential to know how much performance is improved by GPU overclock. However, there is no definite answer to this question, and it depends on what we like. Other vital components required are ultimate PSU along with proper ventilation. To maintain the GPU stability, adequate cooling is necessary because GPU overclock can interrupt balance. It is not that you expect performance increase by 50%, however a boost of 10-20% is expected if you do things correctly.  

What is required before GPU overclock?

Earlier, when the overclocking concept came into existence, there was magic surrounding it. However, this process has become simplified and streamlined in today’s world. Thus no added preparation is necessary. This means you may not require opening a PC case. It is important to ensure the proper cable management, so no air blocking occurs and ventilation can occur through the case. It is necessary that graphics cards can easily breathe.

How to overclock any GPU?

When overclocking GPU you must do stress test and monitor the temperature of GPU. If the core temperature is less than 65%, you can safely mine Ether. A temperature of more than 65% can be risky for mining. The GPU setup for Ethereum mining is simple.

  1. Identify the maximum memory clock at +25 MHz intervals. Ger the clock value that reloads the GPU driver, move 50MHz down to the stable area.
  2. Find the core voltage giving you the required GPU energy consumption. Low voltage gives lower consumption and a lower maximum hash rate. The speed decreases by 10%-15% when you lower the consumption by 20-25%.
  3. Find the maximum stable core clock
  4. Fine-tuning gives added 2-4% of energy efficiency and 2-6% of hash rate

 Mining software and MSI Afterburner

Overclocking increases memory speeds and clock to higher grades. For increasing your profits, you must overclock your GPU.

MSI Afterburner is among the most efficient graphics card software. The amazing thing is that it works on any card. Using MSI afterburner gives you complete control, and you can easily monitor hardware in real-time.

You get precise and straightforward access to graphics card settings with the overclocking tools. Moreover, it also increases GPUs voltage and frequency. You can get an adequate balance between temperature and performance with the fan speed control.

Prepare Overclocking Software

You will require two software pieces to overclock the graphics card. Initially, you will require the software that helps set new speeds for GPU. You also need a program that can test the stability of your settings. 

You also require downloading a program that can easily monitor GPU temperature. For overclocking software, you must download MSI Afterburner.

Principle of finding ultimate overclock settings

Before overclocking, you must consider a few guiding principles. Not all processors can be overclocked easily. It will be helpful if you keep in mind that processors are silicon slabs and electronics pieces. Some can tolerate high operating speeds than others. A balance of heat and speed is obtained by stable overclocks. Your processor gets hotter the more you push it. The integrated fail-safe measures must shut down the power when your system gets too tasty before all the costly components get damaged. You must keep the system cool to make your overclocked PC stable. 

For this, you can go with budget-friendly CPU coolers. Some motherboard manufacturers provide you with convenient applications that can overclock your CPU safely.

How to overclock your GPUs memory and core for mining any coin?

To overclock GPU memory for mining any coin, you can begin adjusting the memory available in the MSI afterburner. You can go to the point where GPU crashes and lower it by 10% from there to adjust memory and get the high hash rate without crashing. Then the same process is repeated for a core clock. Now start changing the power limit and get the most optimal efficiency. Then find the most power-efficient settings and the highest hash rate possible for your graphics card. Thus you can decide the settings you want to use.  

What Overclocking does?

Before going deep into overclocking process, let’s discuss what overclocking does. Most commonly, GPU overclocking enhances performance by increasing the processor speed. Every GPU is set to work at a specific base clock rate. However, different cards can exceed the speed that the manufacturer sets.

With speed overclocking, there will be an increase in temperature, resulting in more power draw. It is necessary to get the perfect balance between performance and temperature. All GPUs are different. For instance: the GTX 1080 that you own can safely overclock to high speed than the GTX 1080 that your neighbour has. Thus it is necessary to test your overclocking speed to get a perfect balance.

Moreover, with MSI Afterburner software, if you push GPU too hard, it can show graphical glitches on your graphics card, or your system will crash. However, if this happens, you can dial back GPU speeds. Thus it is best to begin slowly and spot your way until any problem arises.

 Overclocking for the mining process

Overclocking means increasing core clocks and default memory of the GPU so to increase the speed than specified by the manufacturer. You can also increase the voltage or power limit when overclocking; however, you need to remember that power consumption will also increase with this. This is safe, but temperature and extreme clocks can damage your hardware more quickly than it usually happens. High mining profits and low power consumption can be achieved with efficient overclocking.

 Set the core clock, power limit and memory clock correctly for increased performance.

You can follow these steps to overclock your GPU with MSI Afterburner.

  • Run MSI Afterburner
  • You have to unlink the temperature and power limit, which will help you change the power limit without altering the temperature limit
  • Now set the power limit, core clock and memory clock
  • Click checkmark for applying settings
  • If you have multiple GPUs, you can change the GPU and repeat the steps provided
  • Click on save
  • Ensure that startup is enabled to start MSI Afterburner on Windows startup

Overclock Setting for NVIDIA GPU

You can try these basic settings.

  • +100 Core Clock
  • 75% Power Limit
  • +200 Memory Clock

The settings commonly fit in most NVIDIA GPUs. You can lower memory or core clocks if you experience problems with these settings. You can increase the clocks by 50 if the settings are stable. Try repeating this until your mining becomes stable. Increase the parameters and test the settings before you increase the next settings.

Advantage of GPU Overclocking

The advantage of overclocking is enhanced performance. A little overclocking can change simple graphic cards into high-end graphics cards, which is important for enhanced performance.

There is a back clock speed at every GPU that is working move. The GPU can easily handle high information volume over time with the speed boost. Each graphic card is different, and, commonly, two same type cards can handle different clock speeds.

Some cards have a high potential for overclocking; however, they are also good at a normal speed of the clock. You can carefully go with overclocking process to know whether your graphic card can easily handle additional clocking or not.

Generally, there is no obvious reason for not overclocking GPU. This should be done with some precautions. You do not have to push the graphic card too hard, or it can break or wear out before you plan to change it. Moreover, every graphic card has a different performance level, and it is possible not to clock some graphic cards at all. Overclocking is worth it for gamers as it gives better performance.

You must keep the computer temperature and run a stress test once you finalize the clock level. This prevents damage in the long term from too high overclocking. So if you have time and can make efforts and know overclocking, you can do it. Please do not push it too far, or the lifespan of your graphic card will become short, and you need to replace it with the new one.

Is it safe?

Yes, in today’s world Overclocking is a big yes. Though it increases stress and temperature on GPU but does not worry as the fail-safe mechanism will save the components before damage happens. The worst that can happen is freezes, crashes or black screens. This does not happen commonly, but you can lower the clock if it happens.

Overclocking Issues

One of the commonest mistakes when overclocking is cranking speeds up, which can be troublesome. You can consider certain things to get a better result.

No overheating

You should always check on the temperature of the GPU and must get proper cooling for maintaining temperature. Generally, you have a card with adequate cooling.

Do not expect a miracle

So if your GPU is old, then overclocking will not help to get the today’s level that is expected with modern GPUs. This is a fact, and you need to accept it. You can expect a performance increase, which boosts 10-20%.

Don’t auto-overclock

Overclocking gives stress to GPU. Thus it is better to overclock only when needed. You can use the MSI Afterburner system. Complete the steps of overclocking and save but use it when needed.

Final Words

GPU overclocking can be threatening and damage with the too-high clock. However, the risk is much lower because clocking programs can find the upper clock limits and not permit limitations. Still, getting the right clock limit is a little tricky. If it is done carefully, then no permanent damage will take place. This can be a time-consuming and delicate process too. You need to keep in mind that overclocking GPU will void the warranty and reduce resale value. Every graphic card has a different performance level, and it is possible not to clock some graphic cards at all. Overclocking is worth it for gamers as it gives better performance. High mining profits and low power consumption can be achieved with efficient overclocking. Hope this guide is helpful and gives you better mining experience!

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